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MIESoft is Manufacturing management system made for hard-working Aussies

Plastic & Rubber Manufacturer

MIESoft provides comprehensive solutions tailored to the needs of Plastic & Rubber Manufacturers, encompassing extruders, injection molders, thermoformers, and film and packaging producers. Our platform enables efficient scheduling, streamlined management of raw materials, reduction of excess inventory and waste, all culminating in enhanced profitability for your operations.


MIESoft delivers tailored solutions specifically designed for the Packaging industry, addressing critical needs such as inventory management, batch and serial number tracking, and maintaining optimal stock levels to prevent shortages. Our platform ensures comprehensive historical records of inventory transactions, empowering packaging manufacturers with the insights needed for informed decision-making and operational excellence.

Woodworks & Furniture

MIESoft enables Woodworks & Furniture companies to efficiently manage their diverse material consumption needs. Additionally, it aids in forecasting finished product requirements, adjusting production in response to fluctuating forecasts, and generating suggested purchase orders to replenish anticipated gaps in raw material inventory.

Business Equipments

Retail and commercial equipment, along with provisions, represent sophisticated, high-tech products incorporating the latest advancements in hardware, the plastics industry, powder coating, and more. Managing such complexity demands intricate production planning and scheduling systems capable of swiftly determining production readiness and estimating costs.

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