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A Cloud based Manufacturing management system specially designed with and for Australian manufacturers. MIESoft will minimise stress and maximise profits for hard working Aussies.


Managing People, Processes and equipment – All in ONE place

Cloud-based, no installation required. Accessible from any modern browser on any device, including PCs, Macs, tablets, smartphones, and even Teslas. Designed for easy use, replicating manufacturing processes.

For Operators

MIESoft provides operators with user-friendly screens to track every job phase seamlessly. Accessible via tablet for floor portability, operators can oversee job details such as production quantity, BOM info, electronic job cards, setup, quality checks, wrapping methods, waste, and dispatch notes. Real-time updates enable quick information sharing with management. Operators can also check upcoming jobs and manage inventory, easily receiving raw materials from purchase orders and conducting stock takes effortlessly.

For Plant Managers

The Dashboard offers a quick overview of crucial information for management. Admin users can efficiently schedule production line jobs using the Job Scheduler's drag-and-drop feature. They also gain insight into inventory with the Stock Report tool and streamline operations with the user-friendly Stock Take function. Additionally, they can easily add new products from templates, create, edit, and copy BOMs, among other functionalities.

Managing Your Customers doesn’t have to be Hard.

MIESoft simplifies management of customers, suppliers, operators, stock levels, products, invoicing, and manufacturing processes with intuitive design. Its customer portal enables easy access to order information, emphasizing that managing your customers doesn't have to be hard.


"MIESoft has enabled us to run with minimum staff during the pandemic, at full capacity!"

– Clifford, Shamrock Poly

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A Cloud based Manufacturing management made for Aussie manufacturers


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